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The KLISSA LIP CARE device offers LED technology with a safe and hygienic design and offers you an effortless way to luscious, full lips. Natural light energy fights the visible signs of age while enhancing the natural contours of your lips.

LIP CARE through LIGHT THERAPY It is your lips that really bring your look to life. Sparkling eyes and healthy, glowing skin are very important. But without this full curve of the lips – without that plump, youthful, sexy pout – something is missing. At Klissa, we make it easy for you to achieve the gorgeous lips that complete your look. With innovative lip care products and beauty technology that improve the natural contour of your lips, we give you the opportunity to achieve the sexy pout you want.

LED RED LIGHT THERAPY brings the best out of your lips. The integrated light emitting diode (LED) offers red light therapy that penetrates deep into the skin layers of your lips. This red light works softly yet effectively to build collagen in your lip tissue. Collagen occurs naturally in your lips, but our bodies make less of it as we get older. By reviving the collagen protein growth in the lips, you can achieve a youthful, fuller pair of lips. Collagen production also smooths out any lines and wrinkles that appear naturally over time. It can also help reverse the accelerated effects of aging caused by factors such as sun exposure and smoking, among other things.