Devenolux Compression Stockings – Benefits

Devenolux Cool Comfort

Devenolux Cool Comfort has the advantage that moisture is conducted away from the body and leaves the wearer feeling pleasantly cool and dry. The fabric is soft, pliable and durable, even after many washes, and the static charge on the synthetic fibers is reduced.


Find Devenolux Cool Comfort collections here:

  • Mellow 70 DEN
  • Elegance 140 DEN
  • Posh 140 DEN

Devenolux Silver Protect

Devenolux Silver Protect contains active silver ions that work against the formation of bacteria in the compression stockings, against athlete’s foot and against unpleasant odors.

The hygienic function ensures long-lasting freshness, the fibers of the stockings are protected against damage. The skin tolerance has been dermatologically tested.

Stockings of the travel collektion (210 DEN) are equipped with Silver Protect.

Devenolux Moist

Devenolux Moist is a cosmetic product that moisturizes the skin and thus contributes to regeneration. Cosmetotextiles is a product that contains the ingredient Quiospheres moist. This is gradually released to the human skin. The long-lasting and powerful cosmetic ingredients make the fabric soft and supple and the legs supple.
Find it in the business-linie collection (280 DEN).

Devenolux Push up Effect

The Devenolux Push up Effect gently lifts the bottom and emphasizes a well-shaped silhouette.

Supporting and slimming effect

The Devenolux Slim Effect gently shapes your legs and emphasizes a slim figure.