thigh high stockings with compression


light compression | 15–18 mmHg
70 DEN
30.00 tax incl.

Slim effect

Devenolux slim effect makes your legs appear slimmer.

Devenolux Cool Comfort

Devenolux Cool Comfort has the benefit of directing moisture away from the body and leaving the wearer with a comfortably cool and dry feeling. The material is soft, supple and durable, even after several washes, and this also reduces static charge with synthetic threads. More Devenolux benefits...

Fine compression

  • a feeling of a second skin
  • fashionable & comfortable
  • perfect for every event
  • reinforced heel and toe
  • supports circulation
  • these are calming and prevent swelling during long periods of sitting and standing
The stay-up compression stockings in the Mellow Line have a sexy shape and design. The gentle compression makes this hosiery very comfortable, at the same time this offers excellent support and ensures attractive legs. The Devenolux Cool Comfort also creates a lasting dry and cool feeling.

Material Content:

73 % polyamide, 27 % elastane

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