thigh high stockings with compression


medium compression | 18–21 mmHg
140 DEN
33.00 tax incl.

Slim effect

Devenolux slim effect makes your legs appear slimmer.

Devenolux Cool Comfort

Devenolux Cool Comfort has the benefit of directing moisture away from the body and leaving the wearer with a comfortably cool and dry feeling. The material is soft, supple and durable, even after several washes, and this also reduces static charge with synthetic threads. More Devenolux benefits...

Elegant compression – fine hosiery

  • elegant, classic design
  • waist band with floral design
  • reinforced heel and toe
  • antistatic
  • supports circulation
  • can prevent varicose veins
Sexy and healthy at once – combined in the stay-up stockings in the Elegance collection. With more elastane in the fabric (18–21 mmHg), this model ensures a firm and flexible fit. The reinforced heels and toes increase the wear comfort, especially in closed toed shoes. The Devenolux Cool Comfort creates an additional lasting dry and cool feeling.

Material content:

70 % polyamide, 30 % elastane

Size sheet