knee high socks with compression


moderate compression | 17–20 mmHg
280 DEN
33.00 tax incl.

55 % cotton

The high amount of cotton ensures a high wearing comfort.

DVLX Q-Moist

DVLX Q-Moist is a cosmetic product that moisturizes the skin and contributes to its regeneration. Cosmetotextile is a product with the ingredient Quiosphere. This is slowly transferred to the skin. The long-lasting and high-performance cosmetic ingredients make the material soft and supple and make the legs smooth. More DVLX benefits...

work and play – your daily support

  • moderate compression
  • a healthy accessory for the business outfit
  • smart and comfortable
  • discreet with high effectiveness
  • strengthens and cares for your legs
Work and play - business socks are always good to have. The high amount of cotton and the average compression of 17–20 mmHg ensure a particularly high level of wearing comfort and, at the same time, helps to prevent vein thrombosis. Furthermore, mixing Quiospheres Moist into the fabric adds moisture to the skin. This care creates a feeling of well-being with cosmetic micro capsules and creates a smooth and soft wear. 

Material content:

55 % cotton, 25 % polyamide, 20 % elastane

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